Round One Sumter 6/5/2010


Round One Sportsmen Modifieds at Sumter Speedway Sumter S.C.

Article By: George Pavlisko Photos by Sandy McKenzie

With rain in the area AND at the track 2 hours before we got there, the sportsmen Modifieds of CAARA and the Bell and Bell Vintage Modified Series rolled into the .4-mile semi banked Sumter Speedway, where a field of 6 Modifieds and 5 Sportsmen cars made the tow to this quaint tack in South Carolina.

After running in the surface the Sportsmen cars took to the track for their heat race which was 6 laps using the draw system.  Number 45 Jammim Jimmy Wilmore was on the point with the 39 “Sherminator” Sherman Garris outside and #21nc “Wild” Bill Tripp inside 2nd row.   Louie Hill, 79 years young #88 in 4th and #4 “Rocket Roy” Rick Lovett  was 5th.

Wild Bill took the topside around Jim Wilmore to move up to 2nd .  Wilmore went high in One to try to get back his spot but did not  have enough bite to get the job done.  Then a lapped car changed that back.  Heat was won by #9 Garris, with  #45 Wilmore 2nd and #21nc Trip 3rd.

Then the Mighty Modifieds had their Heat race.  The diverse line up included # 99 Doug Meyers in a PT CRUISER powered by Chevrolet, #12 Kenneth McGee in a Chevy Powered Coupe, #z8 Bobby Courtwright in a Hutter Powered 1937 Coach, #7 Dave Blakenship with Mopar under the hood,  #300 Bobby Williamson in the Earl Moss Chevy Powered Coupe and #33 Dean Cumbee in Ford Powered Coupe.

At the drop of the green it was #98 Meyers with the #12 of McGee and the #Z8 of Courtwright going into the backstretch.  It would stay this ay till Lap #5 when #12 McGee over drove the 3rd turn and spun out giving 2nd to the #Z8 Courtwright.  Finish was #98 Meyers, #z8 Courtwright, #300 Bobby Williamson, #33 Cumbee, #12 McGee with #7 Blakenship having problems and pulling in.

Sportsmen Modified Feature

This was 15 laps of old school racing with both divisions running together with separate trophies provided by Sumter Speedway for Sportsmen and Modified winners.

Line up was the Modifieds up front with #98 on pole and #Z8 off pole and for the Sportsmen Cars #9 Garris and #45 Wilmore,  a total of 11 cars that took the green flag. Courtwright Jumped out at the start and never looked back in route to his First Victory in CAARA. It was FAR from a sleeper race with the speeds with in .5 seconds of the crate late model pole times.  The # 98  of Doug Meyers and the #33 Of Dean Cumbee chased the #Z8 with both of those cars at one time or another bouncing off the concrete coming out of turn four. The #33 Cumbee hit it once to many time and get into the first turn wall ending his night. The feature was slowed 3 times due to spins by the #7 Blakenship who was set up for dry slick on a heavy track and the #33 of Cumbee getting the wall in turn one.

With the Modifieds slicing their way past the Sportsmen cars,  the Sportsmen boys put on a good show.  The #45 Jammim Jimmy Wilmore and #21nc Wild Bill Tripp went to war for 15 laps.  The #9 Sherminator Sherman Garris was chasing them down aggresively. The #7 Modified who brought out the 1st yellow got in the middle of this one.  A spin by #12 Modified of McGee bunched them back up with #21nc of Tripp, #9 Garris who slipped by #45 Wilmore in turn 4 before the yellow.

Green is back out with #21nc Trip the #7 Modified of Blakenship, #9 Garris, #45 Wilmore, #12 Modified of McGee,  #300 modified of Williamson mixed into the Sportsmen cars.  The #21nc Sportsmen and the # Modified of Blakenship fought for 4 laps before the #7 spun in turn one hitting the inside wall.  Yellow is out.  Green Flag with 4 to go #Z8,  #98 and #33 take off in the front with The Sportsmen leader being #21nc Tripp, #9 Garris running 2nd #45 Wilmore in 3rd with the #12 of McGee in the middle of the Sportsmen sandwich.  Two laps later the #33 Cumbee hits the first turn concrete brining out the last caution.  The win went to #21nc Bill Tripp with #9 Sherman Garris in 2nd and #45 Jim Wilmore 3rd.

Round 2 for the Sportsmen Modifieds will be July 24 at Sumter Speedway.   Don’t miss the heart stopping action of “the way it was”. 

The Main in the pits Ready to go:




Modified Winner: Bobby Courtwright in the #Z8 Leatherique Sponsored Ron Hutter Powered 1937 Chevy on a Budd Olson Frame.


Sportsmen Winner: Wild Bill Tripp #21nc Tripp Racing with 255ci Chevy Power.










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