Furniture Care

Hi George,
 We finally found a weekend available to refinish my sister's leather
 furniture. Prepping the furniture was a lot of work. . .mainly because it
 was the big overstuffed style furniture with overlapping leather making it
 a little difficult to get to spots. Three of us worked on the prepping of
 the furniture and the following day, four of us took turns with dying. In
 two days though our time and effort really paid off. The furniture looks
 brand new! The only thing I regret is we didn't take pictures of the
 furniture before we started the project. My sister and her family are very
 excited to say the least about their "new furniture". It does look GREAT
 if I must say so myself! We had the perfect quantity of prepping agent and
 dye to complete the project.
 I would recommend this product to anyone. The price was right for
 furniture that looks brand new. I'm so glad I found this information on
 the internet.
 Thanks for all your help.
 Debbie Thompson Phone 877-395-3366