FAQ on Leather

How much Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean do I need?

The quantity will depend on the age of the leather and the condition.  A new car or sofa will require maintenance applications of 3-4 times per year, so a pint is sufficient.  For an older car or sofa, or a project that is already dry, spider web cracking, cracking, or stiff, you will need a quart as multiple applications will be required.  Remember it took several years for your leather to become dry, and will take some time for it to become good as new! 


Why isn’t the Rejuvenator Oil absorbing?

Because Leather is a fibrous substance, it is its nature to greedily drink in the beneficial nutrients of the Rejuvenator Oil.  The biggest obstacle to good absorption is a silicone sealer on the leather, or a heavy wax or petroleum distillate build up cased by previously used products.  If your leather is not absorbing the Rejuvenator Oil it is because the pores of the leather are blocked.  We suggest a thorough cleaning of the surface with prepping agent, or very light “buffing” of the surface with 400 grit wet or dry sand paper, used wet with prepping agent.  This will break down the surface glaze and allow the Rejuvenator to penetrate fully.


How much Leatherique dye and Prepping agent do I need?

The recolor the interior of an average 4 door car, BM, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, or the average sofa will require 1 quart of dye and prep.   A smaller sports car, Ferrari, Corvette, Porsche, or a recliner or chair and ottoman will require 1 pint.  This is based on redying the same color.   Larger cars with extravagant amounts of leather like a Rolls Royce or Bentley will require a quart and a pint of dye.  Extreme color changes may require more dye for good coverage of all the leather and trim parts.


How long will the Leatherique dye last?

With care, your new Leatherique dye will last longer than your original dye would last, because by the time you have completed all the steps, you are more aware of what leather needs to be maintained, supple, and healthy.   Use a film of Rejuvenator Oil twice a year to keep the leather nourished and supple, and clean your surface with Prestine Clean.   You should never substitute redying for proper leather care.  We firmly advocate good leather health, nourishment, and cleaning as prevention against aging and degradation. 


Will the Leatherique color come off on my clothes or come off in other ways?

The pigments are custom blended and encapsulated in a co-polymer base.  Once the base is dried, the color is permanent, and will never come off on your clothes as waxes do.  If the surface is properly prepared, the Leatherique dye becomes part of your leather.  The biggest enemy of a professional redye is neglecting to do a thorough job prepping.  Prepping is 90% of your project.  Always be sure and sand your surface and prep well as that is what removes the silicone, petroleum distillates, and other foreign substances that prevent a good bond.  Also observe the drying times between steps. 

What is the policy if my dye does not match?

The pigments are custom blended for each application. If you order a STANDARD COLOR that is LRP's Color and does not match any CUSTOM color. Our RED is RED our WHITE is WHITE and BLACK IS BACK.

If you order from a color code we match to the sample we have on file for that color. We have factory swatches for IMPORTED cars as listed: Rolls Royce and Bentley, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lexus (some) and all old and n most new Connolly colors.

We have a working databases of customers samples sent to us (swatches) which we use to update our formulas. The chance that we have your color already on file is about 75% since ALL COLORS FADE. This is why Sending us a 1x1 sample of your required color is always best.

Now follow this to understand our return/rematch policy. IF you sent a SWATCH (1x1 sample) of the color you required then we GUARANTEE it to be correct. If it does not match to your approval then:

1. RETURN the dye to: 106 Englewood Road Aiken S.C. 229803 attention; COLOR MATCH DEPT. Include the DYE and brief description of what is WRONG with the color and a 2nd sample if you can. We will have your 1st on file BUT sometimes you find a better example to send us.

2. IF the DYE is NOT RETURNED then a $30.00 rematch fee is charged. Return the dye and NO FEE.

If you DID NOT SEND A SAMPLE (1x1 swatch) of the color you wanted then we used OUR FILE COLOR for the match and it does MATCH what was OEM according to our files on that color. (WE HAVE 1500 plus swatches and formulas). If it does not match to your approval then:

1. RETURN the dye to: 106 Englewood Road Aiken S.C. 29803 attention; COLOR MATCH DEPT. Include the DYE and brief description of what is WRONG with the color and a  sample so we can match what you need. There is ALWAYS a $30.00 rematch fee under these conditions.3w 4sn m The odds of your color be correct using a code to order are 90%.

The findings of our color match dept are:

1. Connolly lacquer based spray dye in cans was junk. The product HARDENED AND  OXIDIZED. This causes the inability to just TOUCH UP the car..
2. Our colors are based on the color your car was BEFORE it was redone with
Connolly SPRAY CANS or any other type of dye (Sem, Mar Hyde, Shoe polish etc.)
3. THE NEW pigments DO NOT HAVE LEAD therefore they DO NOT CHANGE like the
old colors. 
4. Tech Talk:  If you car has been spray painted then to get a perfect match will be possible ONLY if the color you SEND US is as faded as the color around it. UNDER the seat does not look the same as TOP OF THE DOOR.

lrpltd@bellsouth.net Phone 877-395-3366