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This is a REAL eye opening letter to our TECH dept.

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 12:36 AM
Subject: Leatherique

The directions with the Rejuvenator Oil/Pristine Clean I just bought said to call, email or fax my leather care questions, so here goes:

I'm having second thoughts and I'm hoping you can offer some advice to technically-minded fool (hardware engineer). I owned an older Infiniti. Its leather was dry when I bought it and after many treatments with Lexol, things just got worse. The surface of the seats and armrest become "cracked" and the top of the back seats went from cardboard to torn, gapping cardboard. 
Eventually, the drivers seat, which I thought was made softer by the Lexol, split open across along a seam. (Sorry if I'm reminding you a certain Steve Martin film.)

I also tried many heavy coats of Lexol on other leather items as an
investigation and over months, the surface of the leather began to come off all of them. Maybe I did something wrong. I began to think that softening equals destroying the inner strength of the leather. Maybe once you start, you have to keep it up at a high rate which I didn't do. I don't know.

I just purchased a few year old Lexus (nothing much, I know) but I've noticed that the top of the back seats are dry. I read so many great comments about Leatherique, I decided to order it.

So you see my concern. Will Rejuvenator Oil extend the life of Japanese leather in my Lexus or shorten it like Lexol did to my Infiniti? Leatherique certainly has a very good reputation, but maybe poorer quality leathers just don't last and don't work with softeners.

Any information you can pass on would be greatly valued.

Mark Niday

Our reply was:

Mr Niday, please rest assured that the Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean will NOT DESTROY your leather. Leatherique has been selling and using, on its own collection, these products with nothing but safe and reliable results.

Please visit all of our sites and read the letters from customers. the BEST and SAFEST treatment for your leather is REJUVINATOR OIL and PRESTINE CLEAN.

Please call us toll free at 877-395-3366 if you have anymore questions or wish to place an order.

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