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Have used leatherique on my interior over the last year and it has made an

incredible difference.

Great product and yes, it does take time but the results are well worth it!


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All the best,

I could not have wrote this better! Thank You. George & Krysti Pavlisko
Leatherique is a very special company that is run much different than most
businesses you may encounter. George Pavlisko Sr. founded the business in
1968 and it’s still owned and operated by the Pavlisko family. However
George did not start out looking to form a business, he simply wanted a
solution for restoring leather. He developed leather care solutions that
were producing exceptional results. His leather care products evolved into a
business which is now currently operated by George Pavlisko Jr. These
products have gained a world wide following and are used today by some
exclusive organizations such as the Smithsonian Museum, Henry Ford Museum
and The Old Harrah Collection. They are also the leading leather care
provider for many car clubs like the Rolls Royce Owners Club, BMW Owners
Club, Porsche Owners Club and many more. The Leatherique employees are far
more than just “employees”. Leatherique has a group of highly talented,
enthusiastic employees that really embody leather care. The employees are
generally long tenured and use the products they work with. Many employees
have personally restored leather and work on their own automobiles and
furniture. Therefore when you call with a technical question you get a
highly qualified response. We find this extremely rare in a day and age when
calls are often handled overseas by someone reading from a manual. The
Leatherique employees provide invaluable insight on leather care which
continues to make their leather products top notch. The Leatherique products
are developed in secret so the family’s secret ingredients remain unknown.
They have however shared that their products are made with a complex blend
of collagens, animal proteins and absolutely no fillers. Many other brands
use fillers that make the leather temporarily look and feel great but can
have potentially harmful long term affects. Leatherique prefers to use only
the most effective ingredients that truly care for the leather, not just
make it look good for today. This has helped them develop some one of the
best cleaning and conditioning formulas on the market with the Rejuvenator
Oil and Prestine Clean. Leatherique also make a variety of leather dyes,
crack fillers and other leather restoration products.



            Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my experience with Leatherique and the products. When the products came I received with it a very detail nicely written instructions on how to do the work. You follow those instructions and you receive a fantastic result. I found the products to be of the highest quality and the color match was perfect. My leather in my BMW 740IL looks feels and even smells brand new.  Thank you for the support. It’s a breath of fresh air to deal with a professional company as yours.

 Warm regards,


Stan Silva 
Sales Director 

Thank you very much Stan


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From: Mike Arnold []
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2005 10:41 PM
Subject: Your products are absolutely the best!


Thanks for the finest leather treatment that I have ever used on my 98 Eldorado seats.  I applied both the rejuvenating oil and prestine cleaner just as your instructions suggested and the results are not easy to describe......the softness, smell, touch and feel of the leather is definitely up to the Cadillac "standard of excellence."  Your product is the very finest. 

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Subject: XJ Digest V2005 #381 

XJ Digest           Tuesday, June 7 2005           Volume 2005 : Number 381 

In this issue: 

Re: [xj] how much Leatherique??

[xj] How Much Leatherique-Just Finished Mine



Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 21:47:08 -0400

From: <>

Subject: Re: [xj] how much Leatherique?? 

I went through a 16oz bottle in no time.  I would suggest the

32 or larger depending on how dry your leather is.  I easily

used the 16oz just on one section of the rear bucket seat on

my VDP, and it still needs more. 

Dominic Cutuly

85 Vanden Plas

Pittsburgh PA 

>Dave, my guess is that you'll go through 32oz of Rejuvenator

Oil, and that

>16oz of Prestine Clean will likely suffice. However, do

remember that the

>Prestine Clean is a superb cleaner of vinyl and rubber, so

having it around

>is a good thing. I'd suggest the 32 oz kit, a gallon is a

lot of product. 


Dominic Cutuly

James Madison University



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Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 22:14:51 -0500

From: "Bob Hudson" <>

Subject: [xj] How Much Leatherique-Just Finished Mine 

Need to remove the current layer of colorant. 

I PROMISE (And I know I'll get whanged on for this) but YOU ABSOLUTELY

POSITIVELY WILL NOT GET ANY REASONABLE PENETRATION without removal of the existing colorant. The stiffness in your seats (I know this is hard to believe) it most often the factory colorant!

Once I removed the factory colorant on my old seats, (800 grit

wet-or-dry sandpaper and the Leatherique Pristine Clean solution as a lubricant) the leather just soaked up the stuff.  Could apply a new coat every hour or so. 

Sorry guys. 

I've bought Leatherique by the gallon over the last few years, and once you see how the leather soaks up the stuff without colorant, well,there's just no comparison.

BTW, if your seats are Doeskin, I can send you some color.  Heck, I can send everybody some color!

My front seats only needed maybe an ounce at the very most. INCREDIBLE how the colorant covers the leather. 

Part way through the process, SWMBO came out, looked at my brown, mottled, now ugly seats soaking up Leatherique and declared them irrepairable, worthless, will never look good again. 

And then steamed off with her perfectly formed opinion intact.  Amazing how much abuse we tolerate because of our passion.. ONE COAT of the colorant, at a 25% water dilution, made them look like brand new.

And, no apology forthcoming, expected, nor anticipated from SWMBO. That's just life in the entropic world of auto repair.

There's never any good news. 

"Bummer" Bob Hudson



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From: Pardee J. Woods Jr. []
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 9:25 PM
Subject: Great Product


    I've been collecting curio and relic firearms for several years including the accessories, leather slings and ammunition pouches manufactured as early as 1916. My latest project, arrived with a sling manufactured in 1944.

    When using your product on previous projects, I would lay the sling out and brush on multiple applications of the rejuvenator over a two to three day period. This time, I coiled up the sling (which was so stiff I had to use pliers to remove the button in order to remove it from the rifle) and placed the coiled leather into a stainless steel mixing bowl about the same size as the coiled sling. Next I poured the rejuvenator over the coiled leather until the level of the liquid was about three quarters up the side of the sling. I then wrapped the container with Glad wrap and let it sit for about a day and a half after which I flipped the coiled sling over into the remaining liquid. This morning, the third day, literally all of the rejuvenator had been absorbed by the leather. The leather is soft and supple, the cartouches were left intact and I was able to reinstall the sling without tools.     

Great Product! PJ

P.J. Thank you for writing




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From: Marc Migneco []
Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 8:44 AM
Subject: Alfa Romeo 156 project


Hello George,

I have finally finished my project over the weekend and am 100% satisfied with the results. 

I started early Friday morning by removing all the seats from the car.  As the seats were all very dirty and nearly cardboard hard, after vacuuming I sprayed liberally PRESTINE CLEAN all over and hand masaged the product in the seats.  Later I covered them in garbage bags and put them out in indirect sunlight for approximately 1/2 hour. After this process I removed the garbage bags and cleaned the seats with lukewarm water and a leather chamois.  When this process was over the seats already looked clean.  I now liberally sprayed the REJUVINATOR OIL and again masaged the product by hand into the seats.   Later I covered them in garbage bags and put them out in indirect sunlight for approximately 3 hrs.  After this process I removed the garbage bags and to my surprise even more dirt came up to the surface.  I cleaned the seats with PRESTINE CLEAN applied with a cotton cloth and finally buffed to the shine with clean pieces of cloth.  

George, as you may recall my problem at first were several scratches in the seats and the beginning of spider web cracking.  I did not even need to use the dye that I bought because these 2 products alone did the trick and only in one application.  I will be sending some photos to you with the results. 

Thanks again for inventing such a good product. 



From a Corvette Owner!

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From: Art Wong []
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 12:58 AM
Subject: Comments On Your Product

Hello There

Just wanted to let you know I love using your product this last year when I
try it for the first time. Even though my 95 Corvette ZR-1 is mainly used
for shows with less than 15,000 miles, I like using your product usually a
week before a show to let it soak in, and get than rich deep black look out
of the leather. Here is a link to my car with photos of the interior if you
guys’ car to look, I know it’s not a Rolls Royce, but it’s a true an
American sports car.

Art Wong

Thank You Art, I am partial to the C4 models myslf.

Thanks Marc for the kind words. It was my dad and Mr. Peck that invented this process back in 1962. Again thank you. " The Leatherique Family"


George, your products are incredible!  To make a long story short, it turned out AWESOME. Looks like new, no, better than new because the dye job was done by hand and carefully...... Bottom line, I am VERY satisfied  with my results (and I think you would be too..even though this was my first time)

 -Regards  -Bruce, Corvette Club of America


I want to say that I am especially impressed with the quality and finish of your dye, which perfectly matches the original color of the leather!  I can tell you that the finished result (including new leather installation on the binnacle, a-pillar trim, and dashboard, as well as the aforementioned seats) passed the inspection of the  most picky Lotus man I know, my mechanic Ralph Stechow of RS Motorsports.  I know he uses your rejuvenator oil on cars that go thru the shop, and was impressed with the results.  I want to thank you for producing such an excellent line of products, and, if my 2-cents is worth anything, please accept my endorsement, freely given, of your product, its quailty, and the results obtainable if you are serious about protecting and preserving the interior of any fine automobile.  If any potential customers want to discuss the process, the results, or the quality of what you do,  I would be more than happy to give them my recommendation.

Good job, guys!

Bryan D. Boyle

1986 Lotus Turbo Esprit

Moderator, internet turboesprit discussion group.


Dear George,

Just a little note to tell you how pleased I am at how easy it was to repair my loveseat with your products.  It looks like brand new!!  I would recommend your company to anyone and I have already told my friends (and anyone else who would listen) how great your products are, and that your customer service went beyond all my expectations.  Again my sincere thanks for all your help.  

Mary Mislinski, Dunmore, PA


    I have tried virtually every leather conditioner on the market in the search for a perfect maintenance product. Until I discovered Leatherique Rejuvenator, I thought that Lexol was the best. But Leatherique is an order of magnitude beyond Lexol. I find the experience of massaging the Leatherique into the leather to be so enjoyable that I do it monthly, even though my cars are garage kept!

As you know, the Vanden Plas interior is all leather, so the Rejuvenator was used on the front and back of the seats, the door panels and armrests, and even on those very few

pieces that are vinyl. The car came up in show winning condition.   In short, I believe this to be the best leather treatment available and I have recommended it to every Jaguar owner I meet. Thanks for making a  great product.

Dr. Gregory Andrachuk, Jaguar Car Club,  Canada


Your’re products always take FIRST PRIZE!!  Clearly having followed your instructions [from memory, due to past usage] I was able within a few hours able to transform a sorry looking mess of an untidy 'Everflex' top into what it was and should have always been. After carefully cleaning it, and removing 'runs' in the 'sealer' that the dealer had put on the top on NAT57512 was clean and bare. It only took one coat with a very soft old (but very clean) brush to restore the top. Again, my most profound thanks.

Your kindness and generosity to the car fraternity are indeed boundless!

Bob Frielich, Rolls Royce Owners Club


Subj: Bringing the leather back to life
Date: 2/8/00 9:01:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Matt Boyd)

Hi list,

I was hesitant to post this, knowing of the debate recently between 
Peter Halpern and Leatherique, but since I just read Peter's note 
where he made it clear he is a nice guy when he stated "I treat 
people very well." I decided it would be ok to post this as MY 
experience. Hi Peter, no ill will intended here....

OK, so it isn't direct Ferrari content, but it actually is. Most 
Ferraris have the same type of leather as my "new" Rolls-Royce 
(Connolly leather). My new Rolls had been maintained 
meticulously by its previous owner's mechanic because it was the 
owner's wife's car, and he didn't want it to ever strand her. He 
brought it in all the time and simply said "Do whatever is 
necessary, don't call and ask if it's ok."

Because of this, I have a wonderfully mechanically maintained car. 
Unfortunately, although the interior (and exterior) have been kept 
clean, the leather has been neglected. There are two small tears 
that I am having new leather sections installed to repair. MUCH of 
the rest of the leather is extremely dry and on the verge of cracking 
(if it hasn't done so already).

I have a whole bunch of the Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and 
Prestine Clean leftover from when I bought it for my 308 (which 
previous owner Joe Seminetta must have cared for, because the 
leather in it is great, I'm just trying to keep it that way). On the 
Rolls, good Lord, someone once told me they have to kill 8 cows to 
install all the leather in it, and I believe it!

On Sunday, I spent a few hours applying the Rejuvenator Oil by 
hand. I did one side of the dash, went to the other side, by the 
time I'd done that, the first side of the dash was dry again so I had 
to reapply. Three times on the dash, more than that on the seats 
and rear package shelf. Door panels and rear of the front seat 
required only one application. Monday night I cleaned the residue 
of the oil off, which wasn't really much, the problem was simply 
that the seats were dry. Some places (rear package shelf, rear 
seat butt area, and entire front part of front seats) needed to be 
treated again last night, the rest I cleaned with the Prestine Clean 
(again by Leatherique).

When I worked with this stuff on the Ferrari, I wasn't overly 
impressed. I guess it's because I didn't see a dramatic 
improvement because the seats were already in great shape. But 
with this experience with the Rolls, I recommend the Rejuvenator 
Oil and Prestine Clean without reservation.

I'm still considering using their restoration products (crack filler, 
dye, etc). I know that Peter had problems with it, but 100% of the 
responses I received from the Rolls-Royce technical list that I 
received (about 8 people responded) were nothing but positive.

Best wishes,
-Matt....who has nothing to gain from this posting, but just wanted 
to pass on good information from his perspective

'85 Euro 308 GTS/ and fun
'88 Rolls Spur....slow heavy and smooth....

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From: Brad Berger []
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 1:12 PM
Subject: Amazing Results!!!


I am so EXCITED, I just had to share this with you!  You and your staff have
been fantastic about answering my questions and walking me through the
process.  The charming lady who answers the phone made sure I had the crack
filler for the long weekend, as well as, answering a million questions.  I
have never done anything like this before and I am amazed with the results.
It is a testament to your people, your company and your product.  I have a
1988 Mazda RX-7 10th Anniversary Edition (1 of only 1500 made).  They were
equipped with beautiful black leather seats.  I was going to have them
recovered, but really wanted to retain the original seats because only the
driver's seat had some wear on the bolsters and a  3/4" split that had gone
about 1/3 the way through the leather.  I followed your instructions to the
"t."  This was my Thanksgiving weekend project.  I went to the hardware
store Wednesday evening on my way home from work and purchased the
sandpaper, brush, and terry towels.  I had previously applied rejuvnator oil
to the entire seat so I started that evening with about 1 hour worth of
work.  I finished on Thanksgiving with 3 30 minute sessions.  I couldn't
believe I was done!  I was expecting hours and hours of work.  Today,
Sunday, (48 hours + later) I put on the pristine clean.  I just can't
believe the results!  Please feel free to use this testimony anyway you see
fit.  I have attached a composite picture that shows the before (on the
left) and the after (on the right).


Brad Berger
Tacoma, WA

Seat Before and After.JPG (481106 bytes)

Thanks For Great words and Pictures "George & Krysti"

More Feed back:

Leatherique Just returned from a pleasant week in Fla. to celebrate mother-in-law's 94th birthday. While in Jacksonville area had opportunity to visit George Pavlisko, to pick up some Leatherique to help get brother-in-law's new Suburban's leather off to a good start. In spite of hissevere leg injuries and the difficult recovery process, George was most gracious and willing to spend a bit of time answering novice-type questions. Here's a guy who knows leather from the inside out -- it's obvious that his products work as they do because they're formulated to do what leather really needs to have done for it. No financial interest, just a very satisfied user. Thanks, George, and be back up and around soon!!! 

All the best, Frank Peele Redlands, CA 73 300SEL 4.5 77k mi. 89 300SEL 154k mi. 81

300SD 213k mi. R.I.P.


Lether Rehab

Found a great place to all interested in giving their 928 leather some TLC. A Benz owner turned my on to a sight at If your seats are hurting (as mine were from PO neglect) then give these people a call. Its a family bussiness thats been around for a while and leather care is all they do. I talked with a super nice lady named Krysti Pavlisko. The PO had my car out in the sun for 10 years with no window tint, was a slob, and also a heavy smoker. All this resulted in my cashmere leather being faded, hard, and yellowed with the pores filled with black S#$%! All the scrubbing and Lexol Cleaner in the world could not do anything for these seats. After using the Leatherique Rejuvinating Oil and Prestine Clean over the course of a few hours the seats have been transformed! I took some before and after shots and will need to get them developed and make them available to the list. The differance is amazing! No false advertising on their web sight. The leather is still faded (that will change soon as I am buying some of their dye) but is now much softer with zero dirt in the pores and the nasty yellow is gone. The seats have a nice creamy look to them and feel a bit softer. Can't say enough about this stuff. As a PCA member I was able to order their Rejuvinating Oil and got their Pristeen Clean conditioner and Prepping Agent (go to the sight for thier product explanation) all for the price of the oil alone. I can't wait to get the dye so I can bring the color back. Going to remove all the cashmere interior leather parts from my car so I can do a great job with the dye. Sorry to ramble on but if I find a product that lives up to it's billing I have to let people know. And I can think of no better people to tell than the 928 group. Our cars deserve it. Give Krysti Pavlisko a call and tell her that you heard about their place from me on the list. Tell her I'm the toy engineer with the 928. I told her I would give thier company exposure/praise if their products did what they claimed. They did and so I am.

Best Regards,


From:  Woody
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: One Gallon  Oil

Dear  George, 

I  discovered your products about three years ago while searching the  Internet. I had used Hide Food for years and decided to give your  "Rejuvenator Oil and Pristine Cleaner" a try. I ordered a pint of  each. I treated all the leather in my Ferrari 550 Maranello. I was so  impressed I gave it another application which enhanced the luster of the tan  leather even more. It was "Much" easier to use than Hide Food and did a better  job of giving the leather a deep flat sheen that looked like new, rather than  a shine. I eventually  ordered some dye from you to touch up the piping  on the seat that had lost it's color from getting in and out. That came  out perfectly. Since then I ordered a quart and now I am ordering my  second gallon of each. I am an avid car enthusiast, own several  cars and have had about a dozen in the last three years. I have  used  Leatherique on several brands of cars and it has enhanced each  and everyone. One of the guys at the Ferrari Dealership said my cars come in  looking better than when I bought them. My favorite way to apply is with a  3" and 3/4" foam paint brushes. I apply a second coat a half hour  later just as if your are painting, the neater you are the easier they are  to clean, and the newer they will look. A day or two later I apply the  Pristine Clean with a cloth covered foam pad, wipe with a damp micro fiber  towel and then dry with same. I rinse out the pad and towel several  times and it is surprising how much dirt comes off of clean seats. The leather  will absorbed about 8 oz of oil. I do it several times a year  because I know I am preserving the leather and keeping it looking new at the  same time. I highly recommend this product! Thank you for making it  available. Phone 877-395-3366